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Cutting Boards

These high quality cutting boards are made to be used. The end grain design makes them more resistant to cut marks, durable, and less prone to warping than long grain cutting boards. All boards are finished with a certified food safe & plant based oil.

Standard cutting boards are roughly 12"x18" and 1.5" thick. 'Brisket' boards are roughly 16"x24" and 1.75" thick. Custom orders of specific dimensions, colors, wood types, or designs are welcome.

Standard cutting boards are $120. Large or intricate designs will increase the price.

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All cutting boards are unique. Please choose the style/pattern you would like below. The current stock for that pattern will be sent to you to choose from. If none are in stock, it will be custom made for you.

All cutting boards come with a juice groove and rubber feet unless requested otherwise.

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