Sharpening Services

Short Version:

  • Standard knife/scissor sharpening: $2.00 per blade

    • For general purpose and kitchen knives

  • Premium Knife Sharpening: $5.00 per blade

    • For specialty knives tools that need a very precise edge geometry such as sushi knives

  • Tools

    • Woodturning tools/Chisels: $5.00 per tool

    • Large Blades(Axes/machetes/lawn mower blades): $5.00 per blade

    • Chainsaws: $5.00 per chain

Long Version:

  • Standard Blade Sharpening: $2.00 per blade

    • Sharpened with a belt grinder to a 20 degree convex edge. 

    • Minor chips, dents, blemishes, or other edge damage will be ground out to produce a clean edge

    • Single or double bevel blades

  • Premium Blade Sharpening: $5.00 per blade

    • Hand sharpened with wet stones

    • Flat 20 degree grind is standard but is customizable on request. 

    • Best for high quality, premium knives where extra care is needed to produce a very specific edge geometry

    • Bevel angle is kept precisely consistent the entire edge of the blade

    • Single or double bevel blades

  • Tools: 

    • Woodturning tools: $5.00 per tool

      • Grinding wheel used on all woodturning tools

      • Scrapers, bowl gouges, spindle gouges, spindle roughing gouges, skew chisels, parting tools are welcome 

      • Existing angle will be used for sharpening unless otherwise requested. 

      • Precise angles may be requested for gouges

    • Chisels: $2.00

      • Flat or hollow grind of existing bevel angle 

    • Large Blades(Axes, machetes, lawn mower blades): $5.00 per edge

      • Ground freehand with belt grinder 

    • Chainsaw chains: $5.00 per chain

      • Full size chains are sharpened with grinder

      • Pico chains are hand filed

    • Damaged tools

Price determined on individual basis according to amount of damage and size